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The Thermo Scientific™ Molecular Biology product portfolio offers sample preparation, molecular cloning and PCR/qPCR products. Discover how to save on these products with our special offers.

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Molecular Biology Product Offering

We provide highest fidelity DNA polymerases and restriction and modifying enzymes, as well as PCR reagents, plastics and thermal cyclers for complete laboratory solutions.

Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceSample Preparation

Nucleic acid isolation is a fundamental first step in most molecular biology applications, including cloning, PCR/qPCR, sequencing, in vitro transcription, transfection, northern and southern blotting.Thermo Scientific nucleic acid isolation products are optimized for high yield isolation of pure DNA or RNA from variety of sources.


Microvolume UV-VisMolecular Cloning

Molecular cloning produces identical, recombinant DNA molecules for downstream applications, such as gene expression, protein purification, and mutational analysis. Genes of interest are cloned into plasmid vectors, which are transformed into bacterial cells to produce bacterial clones. Thermo Scientific offers the most reliable genetic content, superior enzymes and advanced PCR tools to support and streamline your entire cloning workflow.



PCR is used to detect the presence or absence of specific DNA sequences, amplify large amounts of DNA for downstream use, or mutagenize coding DNA, for further genetic manipulation, mutational analysis, sequencing, genotyping, or cloning.Depending on the polymerase used, amplification can be highly robust, quick, or error proof, as in the case of high-fidelity enzymes. If starting material is a concern, direct PCR can be used to eliminate sample preparation altogether, or Reverse Transcription-PCR can be used if starting with mRNA. Quantitative real time PCR (qPCR) allows for real-time results with less variability due to sensitive fluorescent chemistry and elimination of post-PCR detection procedures.